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When re-upholstering furniture and antiques, we carefully remove all old fabric and padding, inspect the frame for damage, make any necessary repairs and touch up exposed wood, re-web and tie the seat and back springs and sanitize the frame at that time. John's Upholstery uses only the finest quality materials and components we can obtain, from our high resiliency foams to the muslins and downs used in the re-upholstery process. Fabric placement on a piece of furniture is the final process in the re-upholstery project, but ultimately the most important. Fabric pattern matching is a specialty; we can match patterns so well that it appears exactly as it does on the roll, only applied to your furniture! Cushions are masterfully cut and tailored to the piece of furniture and filled with the core of choice, whether that is foam, down, innersprings or a combination. Custom furniture can be designed from a photo or idea our client may have, or John's can design and build with the client's comfort level, room space and special design in mind. Pick up and delivery of furniture is handled exclusively by John's Upholstery crew and truck, so caution and care is given to the furniture from the beginning of a project to the end. Quality and customer satisfaction always have been, and always will be our ultimate goal. Please enjoy your visit through our online store




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